Flax...taste Good?

  1. Flax...taste Good?

    ok...maybe I misled you. Not taste "good" per se, but at least not bad. Since there really are no taste buds in the front of the tongue, the trick is to put the entire tablespoon of flax on the tip of the tongue. Hold it there and then take a big gulp of juice/protein shake/milk and gulp it down. I do this and I cannot taste the flax...no lie. Just don't have any back wash because then there will be flax in the rest of your drink.

  2. personally I just mix it with optimum whey and milk.. gulp it and you wont taste it either... even better mix it with choc milk the choc will cover the taste..

  3. I can take in Flax, or Udo not problem straight. Glutamine I can take in with water. I don't like the taste of creatine. I have to mix it with something sweet.

  4. **** flax, take fish body oils instead

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