Hammer Strength Leg Extension

  1. Hammer Strength Leg Extension

    Anyone use the Hammer Stength Leg Extension Machine? I'm thinking of buying one. Is the seat and or leg apparatus adjustable?

  2. Is this the plate loaded or the stack version?

    Pretty much every leg extension machine will have adjustable parts so that you can get the right pivot for a safe movement.

    Do you have a home gym this will be a part of?

  3. I wouldn't waste my money on a leg extension machine. I would buy kettleballs before I did such a thing.

    You are better off with free weights, unless you plan on building a commercial gym with a bunch of useless machines.


  4. I am not a fan of any leg extension machines, but especially not the plate-loaded hammer strength machine, it feels awkward as hell

  5. I like the Cybex plate loaded "squat rack" machine. It has a good, natural feeling ROM.

  6. I just want a commercial unit and I can get the Hammer Strength one really cheap. The leg attatchment on my bench scares me when I get over 150lbs on it.

  7. I personally like the leg extension machines. I don't use them for the bulk/primary exercises for legs but after a squat or lunge set it feels good to get the blood flowing even more with some nice controlled leg extensions.

    If I had the money and my own gym with the essentials I wouldn't be against purchasing it.

  8. I've been replacing all my home gym equipment with commercial equipment.

  9. Very nice. What have you gotten so far? Squat rack, bench, dbs? Or you go more with the actual stack machines?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by OCCFan023 View Post
    Very nice. What have you gotten so far? Squat rack, bench, dbs? Or you go more with the actual stack machines?
    Here's what I got
    BodySolid Power Cage
    Some No name Incline/Decline Bench I've had for 12 Years, Leg Attachment for extensions Curls-Going to get seperate commercial leg curl and leg extention machines
    Flat Legend Bench
    Incline/Flat Magnum Bench
    Magnum Linear Bearing Smith Machine
    No name lat machine High/Low Pulley, all attachments known to man-Going to replace with a commercial unit
    Bodysolid Dipping Sation
    New York Barbells Hack/Leg Press
    Body Solid Vertical Leg Press
    All kinds of Dumbells and bars
    1,000's of pounds of weights
    Nordic Trac Tread Mill
    Roman Chair.
    I would like to get a Hammer Strength combination Lat Pulldown /Incline Press, Hammer Strength seated Row, a seated calf machine, pullover machine, Seated Press machine, and a peck Deck.
    I am only buying Commercial Equipment From now on.
    You can really find some deals if you wait and check E-bay often
    I got the Smith which sells for over $2000 for $400 and the Bench which goes for $1000 for $250, both in new condition.
    I prefer Plate loaded, no cables to break and you can really pile on the weight!


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