from the Daily News:

Cops are hunting for a lunatic on a bicycle who set off an explosive outside a military recruitment office in Times Square.

No one was injured in the 3:45 a.m. blast. Damage was limited to shattered glass and twisted metal at W. 43rd St. and Seventh Ave.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly spoke at a Times Square press conference Thursday about the explosion.

The commissioner says a witness saw a person on a bicycle acting suspiciously around the time a "low-order explosive device" damaged the Times Square recruiting station.

"Whoever the coward was that committed this disgraceful act on our city will be found and prosecuted to the full extent of the law," Mayor Bloomberg said. "We will not tolerate such attacks."

Police said investigators would have to examine the evidence to determine exactly what kind of device was used.

They were also searching for more eye witnesses.

"I heard a pop," said George Wendt, 44, a deliveryman sitting behind the wheel of a truck a few feet from the explosion site. "All I saw was a puff of smoke dissipating."

Police blocked nearby intersections for about two hours, hovered overhead in helicopters and used bomb-sniffing dogs to search for the suspect. Subway service to and from Times Square was also suspended, but has since resumed.

Cops are looking for a man in a gray hooded sweatshirt.

"Someone was trying to make a statement," a police source said.

The explosion is similar to explosions at the Mexican consulate last fall and the British Consulate in 2005. No one was injured in those unsolved cases. Officials said it's too early to say whether they're connected to today's blast.

The morning explosion rattled several workers in the area.

"It sounded like a blockbuster M-80 grenade, a small stick of dynamite," said Jason Gabriel, a 27-year-old security officer at 1500 Broadway, opposite the recruiting station.

"I'm concerned about my safety," said Gabriel, "We're right here at 42nd Street in Manhattan. Everything happens here, this is basically the target."
It is now being said that the person on the bicycle is a possible suspect but was not witnessed actually placing the device.