Pro's I met at LA Fitness Expo

  1. Pro's I met at LA Fitness Expo

    My roommate was in the Gracie BJJ tournament held at the LA Fitness Expo so I went to check it out. I had no idea what would be there.

    Cool people I met there included, Randy Couture, Keith Jardin, Lee Priest, Lou Ferrigno, Bob Cicherillo, Marvin Anthony, Flex Wheeler, James "Flex" Lewis from Gaspari, Chris Cormier and some other amateurs. A bunch of ridiculouly swole guys were walking around because the Iron Man was being held there, along with a Power Lifting Meet, American Gladiator Try Outs, Sumo Wrestling, BJJ, MMA, and whatever else. It was a sweet experience. Anyone else get the chance to make it???

  2. Is Chris Cormier making a come back ?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    Is Chris Cormier making a come back ?
    He's made small mention of it, very light hearted insinuations not to be taken too seriously (yet). He's been working out a lot and he did look good today (from a shirt ON point of view. Big thick body, but the face was still lean, wide and broad as a house. Lee Priest was walking around in Chubby mode) Whether Chris really decides to come back or not, I think he'd be headed in the Ronnie Coleman route. He could probably still be a "good" bodybuilder, but not top tier competition, like Victor Martinez, Dennis Wolf, Sylvio Samuel... lots of amazing new talent coming up too. One of the most impressive people i saw (BY FAR) walking around was Brandon Curry and I'm pretty sure he's still an Amateur.

    Even James "Flex" Lewis, his calves look like a deformity they're so big, like giant, veiny tumors, but with aesthetically pleasing contour (he looks like a dork in person by the way, apart from his massively impressive physique.

  4. I bet it's weird to see them in person.Branch Warren was at a vitamin shoppe about 45 minutes away from where i live,I found out the day before but was broke as hell and have a old 4 door long bed diesel(gas gusler).I also didn't know if i would be in line forever or what the hell to say.Afterwards i thought i should of gone and say lets see the wheels.I read in md how he's been asked a million times to flex,and they never meant his wheels.

  5. i made it out. met lee priest, rich gaspari, flex lewis (i was digging the mad acne on his neck), and trey brewer. spent about 20 mins talking to the good fellas over at the applied neutriceuticals. now im picking up drive/rpm for 40 bucks. anyone gonna be there tmrw too? im hoping to catch cutler and heath's seminar.

  6. man sounds like a good time.

    It is always great to sit and talk with these guys and see how they area all down to earth.

  7. today: met jay cutler, phil heath, roland kickinger, and picked drive and rpm. it was a good day at the expo and it only cost 5 bucks. btw phil is a super nice guy. really helpful and was a really good speaker at his seminar.


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