New to the board

  1. New to the board

    I hope I can be an added asset of the board. I've been around a long time. I hope I can bring some good knowledge here to help everyone in the decesions and research. I as well am willing to learn.

    Oh sometime I might come across as an *******... Its just the gear talking.

    Currently getting my next cycle in order
    30+ weeks of HGH at 6IU's a day 5on2off
    2grams of test a week

    still formulating my cycle with the half lifes of gear to calualate optimal results for my gear. Not sure of the doasage yet except with my HGH and test. any inputs or suggestion would be great. always looking for new ideas

  2. good deal, welcome aboard Diablo, will look forward to more discussions with you and whatnot

  3. welcome aboard

  4. Welcome to the board man!

  5. thanks everyone...

  6. Welcome and enjoy bro. Later J


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