Who is censoring Ron Paul in the polls???

  1. Who is censoring Ron Paul in the polls???

    Ron Paul's name is continually being left out in TV, phone, and even Internet polls. When comparing Republican candidates' votes, his slice of the pie is shown, but no name is assigned to it.

    Whether or not you agree or disagree with him, you have to admit that this is very unfair and unjust for whomever is doing this. This is the Presidency we're talking about, it's completely irresponsible and intolerable to censor a viable candidate.

    Now the $64,000 question: who is censoring him? The Feds (Rothschilds), Democrats, Republicans, Rupert Murdoch?

    Here's a blatant example of censorship:

    YouTube - Ron Paul Missing from Ballot in Rockland County, NY

    Apparently, polling locations are deliberately eliminating Ron Paul from the ballots and telling voters that he dropped out of the race.

    Case in point: On the Road to Super Tuesday - NY Daily News

    A New York State of Election Fraud for Ron Paul

    It seems as though democracy is being ****ted on more and more, and we're moving further down the spiral.

    Now if Ron Paul is being censored, let's look at the institutions that he threatens: IRS, big oil, defense contractors, large financial and ********y lending institutions, Republican and Democrat elite. He seems to be the only one that can potentially shake things up big in the government and hurt these organizations considering he hasn't been bought out, proven by his voting record. These institutions could lose TRILLIONS of dollars if Paul were elected to the White House.

    I understand the corporate media will be biased towards the more popular candidates, but they have proven they were wrong. Giuliani was the man to beat, yet Paul had a better showing in the majority of the states than Rudy.

    Maybe the major media outlets are worried that if people listen to Paul, they will realize America isn't in the best shape right now, and they don't want the American people thinking that.

    It's also odd that in the debates, all of the other Republican candidates would just grin and roll their eyes at Paul, yet wouldn't have an answer to his response and not even refute what he had to say. Why? It seems as though the major media outlets want people to think RP is crazy.

    Another example of voter tampering, Washington state decided to throw out Huckabee's votes because they figured he wasn't going to win.

    Is this what democracy has come down to in this country?

  2. No one is taking Ron Paul seriously. That's why he is being neglected.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    No one is taking Ron Paul seriously. That's why he is being neglected.
    I agree.

    Fred Thompson dropped out of the race, too, which was a smart thing for him to do. He should just stick with acting.

  4. I don't know about you, but I've seen Ron Paul's name in a few polls recently...he just isn't garnering more than 0-4% of the primary votes. That is the reason he isn't showing up on most of the polls...because he is irrelevant. No offense, but no one who is not supported by the Democratic or Republican party will ever have a chance at being president.

  5. Just because he may not stand a chance against the frontline candidates doesn't mean you completely eliminate him from the ballot and lie to people, telling them he dropped from the race.

    If you watched the video, the guy says John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani were still on his ballot, even though both had dropped. Then he says Ron Paul wasn't on the ballot, yet he's still in the race. You can't deny that this is someone purposely altering the election process, a process that thousands of Americans have died for protecting, and now it's going to ****.

  6. This reminds me of when Ralph Nader and Ross Perot ran for president.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    This reminds me of when Ralph Nader and Ross Perot ran for president.
    I was just going to say that... Ron Paul is the "Ross Perot" of 2008.

    If you watched the republican debate in january in florida, they maybe asked him 2 questions the entire night.


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