The Fit Expo.... any Companies attending?

  1. The Fit Expo.... any Companies attending?

    My buddy and I are planning on attending this expo here in southern California at the LA convention Center (right next to the Staples Center where the Lakers play)and its from the 15th-17th.

    Hes a Vitamin Shoppe employee and so we get free tickets, but just wondered if any of the wonderfull companies here on AM were going to be attending?

    I know that USPLabs, Designer Supplements, ALRI, Anabolic Xtreme, Legal Gear, Molecular Nutrition and Im sure more that I cant think of right now are all sold at Vitamin Shoppe and would hope with them being more mainstream that they may be having a booth there?

    Well sound off if your going or going to be presenting a booth there and Ill make sure to run into ya!

  2. Was this the one that used to be at the Pasadena Convention Center? Sux if they moved it, I'm across the St from the PCC

  3. ill be there saturday and hopefully sunday if i dont get called into work. do you know if they have a schedule of events?

  4. I might roll.. My buddy works for ALRI so i might say what up... Its only like an hour away...

    Im also interested to know what companys are going???
    LG is going? i wouldnt mind meeting them and say thanks for the free supps....

  5. I really dont know hoes going, the companies I listed above were only companies that I assumed may attend since they are sold mainstream... I was hoping to get some replies from their respective reps in rder to really find out wh will be there.



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