If you had your own home gym, then what would you want in it?

  1. If you had your own home gym, then what would you want in it?

    My ex's father is a CO, so he's set for life. Financially, that is. He's got quite a bit of gym equipment at his house. I wouldn't mind having my own gym someday. I'd pay to have a small extension added onto my home and fill it up with gym equipment.

    I just figured this would be an interesting thread to make. It'd help me with ideas, but I'm sure many of you either have a home gym or have always wanted one.

  2. 1.Power Blocks
    2.Adjustable bench
    3.Smith Cage with a Hi/Lo Pulley
    4.Recumbent Bike and or Treadmill
    Tunes and mirror optional ~~~

  3. start w/a cage and a ton of weight.
    you can do almost everything w/that.

  4. A cage because you can do almost anything with the cage.
    Dumbbells in 5lb increments up to 150lbs.
    Chains for doing bench and squat.

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