If you had 72 hours to live what would you do???

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  1. If you had 72 hours to live what would you do???

    I know it could be a deep question but its interesting none the less. Humor me!

  2. tough question, easy answer.
    i would spend every minute awake and with my family. no doubt. things i would do with them include going to this restaurant we always go to, sipping on coffee/tea together in the living room like we always do during non-school months, and all the little "traditions/routines" we have as a family. This question brings up the issue of "taking stuff for granted" hmmm....
    then again, i would have to make time for my 4 best friends...kick it with them a little. (i would say being in vegas with those fools...annual thing since 1999) maybe getting my hump on just one more time...or two...or three...or..... thats pretty much it fellas.

  3. Does anyone remember that movie Young Guns?

    I shall finish the game...


  4. H nice avatar geek!
  5. Cool

    Originally posted by windwords7
    H nice avatar geek!

  6. I would probably assassinate those whom I felt no longer deserve to be here.

  7. I would find out about it at 71:59:00
  8. Cool

    Do everything I wanted to. ..

  9. I will hire bunch of women to have sex at the same time( I will take a lot 4-D) and do the donkey slap! Will be Caligula!

    Sorry guys I don't pay for my sex, but under this cirs****ance sure will!


  10. take myself down to the sperm bank

  11. Originally posted by ex_banana-eater
    take myself down to the sperm bank
    Interesting choice for your "last meal"

  12. Originally posted by BigBenn

    Interesting choice for your "last meal"
  13. Cool

    Originally posted by BigBenn

    Interesting choice for your "last meal"

    LOL! Nice one

  14. dang, someone got hosed...

  15. hit on every women walking and breathing and try all different flavors or try to find a true blonde(no dye) asian as then i know i would have seen everything

  16. Interesting so far......anyone else!?

  17. No comment, you don't want to know.

  18. Hmmmm...what to do in 72 hours...

    First off I wouldnt sleep...ECA, Crystal Meth, Anadrol (about 300mg/day or so)and lots of sugar will take care of that

    Day 1:

    first things first...I'd drown someone... "who's here to save you now, you ignorant, wish-you-knew-how-to-swim ****!! "

    I would screw every chick whose phone # I have..."come on baby..I only got 3 days to live..just one time "

    Day 2:

    Friends....oh yes....friends...

    Lets see here....hmmm....We'd more than likely get absolutely watsed (since my time would be short I will be high on ECA, meth, weed, etc and drunk on lots of various beers and a little Jack D&nbsp...

    ...We'd go out and break stuff (i.e. mail boxes, windows, etc.)...I'd more than likely get in to several fights with some *******s that I know (due to the anadrol )

    Day 3:

    this day will be spent with family

    kicking back, relaxing...maybe get in a short nap.  Eating LOTS of food

    lots of ****ty food (fast food, greasy, etc, etc)


    That about sums it up




    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  19. be with my family.
  20. Cool

    Originally posted by BIGPOPPAPUMP
    be with my family.
    What about Jimmy?

  21. Originally posted by Big H

    What about Jimmy?

    of course jimmy is family
  22. Cool

    Originally posted by BIGPOPPAPUMP

    of course jimmy is family
    LOL nice. How's he been?

  23. I would spend my last time with those I love, I would let them know how much I loved them and I would try to make amends to anyone I had a resentment toward or had hurt in any way.  Of course, this is the way I should be living 24-7 anyway but it is easy to get caught up in self.  Have a wonderful Christmas season and may God bless you and your families.

  24. Originally posted by Big H

    LOL nice. How's he been?

    he is doing great,he is still around but doent go on the boards as much.


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