Supplement Industry "Watch Dog"

  1. Supplement Industry "Watch Dog"

    LegalGear's thread wrt an industry-sponsored eductation/lobby group had me thinking a bit on the other end of the rope.

    So, what keeps this industry from forming any type of consumer-oriented "watch dog" group?

    The only reason I can think of, other than the apparent risk of bribery and such, is that companies do NOT want to be accountable. Most companies out there seem on the up, but some don't have the best track record.

    I would like to discuss pros and cons of something like this.

  2. there is one

    sadly, there is a "watch dog" for the industry. its called the FDA or maybe the DEA, and led by big pharma. they look at PH's that work, and ban them, letting all the bunk companies sell their crap that doesn't work. maybe i'm wrong - i've been accused of being too cynical.

    sadly, steroids, which have better gains and less sides is being banned. i suspect there's a link here between big pharma and George W.
    1. can't patent any compound that old - little profit
    2. a study just confirmed that test reduces and in some cases cures type 2 diabetes. also belly fat reduces test, duh. obesity is creating our diabetes epidemic... duh...
    3. if you ban steroids, nobody gets cured and they can sell all their drugs (lipitor, viagra, etc) to diabetics. the cure for diabetes links and studies are:

    Obesity surgery seen as diabetes cure on Yahoo! Health
    Le Magazine, December 2007 - Cover: The Textbook Of Bio-Identical Hormones
    Testosterone’S Overlooked Role In The Treatment Of Diabetes In Men

    gonna repost this in a different thread so any type 2's in the community can be better informed

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