What kind of car does everyone drive?

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  1. i drove many cars, my dad loves switching his cars every now and then, he likes selling them and buying new ones, out of all the cars my dad ever had, the ones i have driven that i liked were:
    the 2000 honda accord, the 99 mercedes lorinser(steel color) ed. 19"rims
    and my dad's 95 acura NSX black-(my sweetheart!)

  2. mercedes ml 430 2000

  3. My daily driver is an '87 BMW M6.
    That's a phat ride - I used to have a 79 635Csi...it was awesome! Always wanted a late 80's M6.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    That's a phat ride - I used to have a 79 635Csi...it was awesome! Always wanted a late 80's M6.
    Mine's soon to be for sale :/ I am probably going to replace it with an STi.

    Goddamn it's a lot of fun, though!

  5. Just got back from an auto show with the girlfriend! BMW had a 2005 645Csi on display...made me miss my 6 more than ever! Damn what a sweet ride the new 645 is - for 72k it should be!!!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Bean
    Thats a lot of smack talk against mustangs... there's a few 03 Cobras around here putting down 500rwhp on the stock supercharger on pump gas that would love to teach you a lesson

    I've run a couple WS6 6-speeds and won by 2-3 cars everytime... bumped my boost to 10psi; have beaten a new M3, plenty of 350zs, and too many DSMs to count
    Whether they NEED a blower or not, fact is it has one and it is a force to be reckoned with. I am putting an LS1 in my rx7 so I have nothing but love for the LS crowd. At the same time I live by the motto "Know thy enemy". I think the competiton has brought alot of good for the LS community. Look how many 500rwhp 346ci have been popping up recently.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Animosity
    93 3000gt sl pics to come (btw my first post here!)
    Congrats on the 3k family (you on 3si.org at all?)

    Look for my post earlier.

  8. My wife has a dump truck and i ride in the back.

  9. I drive a beemer 318is

  10. Black Checy Z71. Gets the job done.

  11. Chevy. Sorry about that, it's late.

  12. I drive a miata

    hey! its a nice car, the chicks dig it, it sounds great with my custom exhaust and its fast enough for me. besides its the cheapest true sportscar you can get here in the UK, and convertables are fun!

    and no im not gay, or a hairdresser

  13. Currently driving a brand new silver color 2004 Monte Carlo LS... fixing to get Falken Explicit 20's on it this weekend, an a Series 40 FlowerMaster exhaust system... not sure on the cold air intake system Im going to put in yet, but among the other things Im going to put either a 12 or 2 10 subs in the back with a kenwood face and 10 disc changer in the glove compartment. Should turn out to be quiet a nice little trade in vehicle after Im done with it, then Lexus here I come

    mr meth

  14. I drive a POS 98 Dodge Dakota...God I can't wait to get rid of it. My ride of choice is a Mustang. Had an 89 LX that was my baby, but for some odd ****ing reason I decided to sell it after the tranny went out <----ME. My goal is to purchase another one and fit it with a 408W and a T88 when time and money allows.

  15. And Im still driving my piece of **** '92 Ford Explorer!! Both rocker panels just fell off due to rust, so I sanded that down and primed her up with some Xtend.

    But she's got a slammin' system, runs OK, and its paid for...


  16. for sale: Slightly damaged 2002 Ford Harley Davidson F150 Supercrew

    ****ed her up good yesterday. Rear ended an ambulance that slammed on its brakes after realizing It was supposed to stop for the train tracks. Dumbass stoped right on the tracks and there was a cop that saw the accident happen. He said that the driver of the ambulance should have stopped before the markings on the road and used his hazards. The other driver got caught turning on his hazards after the accident. Three cops showed up and thay all said the same thing, "Its a bull**** law but I still get the ticket". They also said that I can dispute it and that they are not going to go to court since its was basicly the other drivers fault. If he doesnt show up the ticket gets dropped.
    BUT MY INSURANCE IS GONNA SKYROCKET AFTER THEY SEE HOW MUCH ALL THAT FACTORY LIMITED EDITION **** COST. The on scene investigator estimated my damage at $3000. HAHHHHHHH. I need two new front rims, $1800 each. Front lower valance unpainted, $1200. Fog lights, $280 each. There in for a shocker. As you can see theres a hell of alot more damage then that. What do you think a new supercharged 5.4 liter triton V8 goes for? Engine is pretty scarred too.

    I called the body shop this morning and told them that after progressive does there appraisal and they start work that I only want new ford factory parts used on the vehicle because of its collectors edition / limit edition status. I left a message with my claims agent this morning to notifying him that I only will accept new factory parts on my vehicle because of the nature of the vehicle. He's yet to return my call. I let both of them know that it was my lawyers recommendation to notify both of them and that I am not supposed to assume that because Ford is doing the repairs that they will use ford parts or new parts and that It needs to be clarified before the appraisal is made. I think the word lawyer scared them both. Well see. Either way, that truck is gone after the repairs. I hate knowing Im driving a once damaged vehicle.


    Oh yeah, airbags never blew. Thank god I had my seat belt on. Everyone whos scene the vehicle has said the airbags definitly should have deployed.
    Attached Images Attached Images

  17. Bro that SUCKS. I really hope your insurance company dosent try to rape you after the repairs...but knowing how insurance comanies work they probably will. Good thinking getting your lawyer involved. Good luck with everything, sorry you've gotta let go of such a sweet ride.



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