What kind of car does everyone drive?

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  1. Originally posted by BigAl
    2003 jeep wrangler x....always wanted a jeep. had a full size dodge
    ram but then i sold out all my racecar operation so didn't need a truck to haul the car anymore. so i traded it in and got my jeep...friggin' love it. we got alot of jeep trails here thru the mountains so this fall is gonna be real nice.
    i've got a '95 wrangler i bought new. love that thing...lifted it 1.5", kc lights...when i get some more $$ i want some of those tubular bumpers. at least the times i got it stuck in the mud someone was arund to drag my ass out...heh

  2. 02 Jetta GLI

    She handles well and she's pretty quick (not as fast as my 600 hp Iroc but it does the job). Traction control, 6 speed manual, 17"s, and Recaro leather interior to boot. Putting a new suspension in it this fall.

    Kenwood Excelon deck
    Alpine V12 amp
    Solo Baric 12"s
    Monsoon amp + highs.

  3. Riced-out (kind of) 94 Acura Integra RS

    Nology Hotwires
    Empty cat & GReddy SP exhaust
    ACT clutch pressure plate
    Front & rear sways
    Brembo slotted brake rotors
    Brembo brake pads
    Tokico shocks
    Ground Control springs
    16" SSR Type V

    Clarion Pro Audio DXZ535 head
    Infinity speakers

    To be installed: Alpine Type R 12" w/Clarion Pro Audio amp once I build my box.

    Handles like a dream, though I gotta add some power soon. Love to take it on HWY 17 in the Santa Cruz mountains on a clear night.

  4. ::cough cough:: 93 ford tempo....feels like your in an earthquake once you hit 60

  5. I have an 01 Chevy 1500 HD. I have a 6" pro comp lift, 34 1/2" tires, 17" Helo Maxx wheels, Keystone ram air hood, and a few other add ons. We are actually painting it now. Ill post some pics when we are done.

  6. Since I work @ FORD Motor I tend to drive FORD

    I have 2002 F-250 4x4, Just bought the new 2003 F-350 super cab dually with the 7.4 turbo diesel, and in the garage is a 1969 camaro and that where she stay unless its a nice day out. But winter is coming so I will be turning the heat on in the garage.. cant let the baby get cold.

    Wife drives a 2003 convertible corvette an to top it its the fast production corvette with the 405hp motor..bitch. oh well she makes good money. now she want to park it in the garage next to my car and she wants to get a winter truck.... cant wait to see what see brings home

  7. Originally posted by db682
    Some more... because I love my truck.
    you say you love your truck but you park a HONDA next to it.. show your love an get rid of the Honda.

  8. I got a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee right now with 3 12's and a screen... I WIll be selling it very soon and will have this by next month sum time...
    this is not my ride but it will look exactly like this.

  9. 2001 Nissan Altima

  10. Originally posted by ManBeast
    I drive the exact opposite of JonBlaze's camry! It's a 4 cylinder automatic and it's completely stock, the left mirror is currently duct-taped on because some drunk motherf*cker swiped it off while i was out of town. It's also usually superbly dirty. But the stereo sounds good enough for me 99% of the time, the AC works like no other, and it gets great gas mileage! More money for fun!

    More money, more pay rick his $160 u f*cker, lol =)

  11. Originally posted by max silver
    I roll in a 2003 chrome silver nissan maxima se. I have two 12 inch alpine type r subs and mb quart components powered by alpine and phoenix gold amps, all running off an alpine head unit.

    Exterior mods are just a few, I have clear side markers and a rear windshield sticker. Suspension mods are a rear sway bar and front strut power bar. Only power mod so far is a frankercar intake, the thing sounds insane!

    EDIT: Sorry bud, i had to shrink down your pic, it was way too huge. This is 30% of the original, lol.
    damn thats the same exact colr as mine ..i have the black leather interior and ine's a sle.but essentially the same car

  12. I'm a simple man, 2000 Ford f-150 xlt. First 'newer' vehicle I've ever owned. Before that I had a 79 camaro, 350/ 4brl, hood scoop, t-tops and the old scool slot alum mags. Even before that, 67 ford mustang, 289 stock, metallic blue, alum mags. Love that car, still have it and will brint it back to life some day.

  13. I drive a Volvo 740....damn I'm boring, lol

  14. 97 240SX SE

    [img]http://www.zilvia.net/f/attachment.php?s=&post****30030 8[/img]

    soon to be this with a RB26 motor in it....

  15. We are almost done with the paint. Here is a pre view.

  16. Wow thats going to look nice.

  17. DAMN! Yall have got some sweeet rides...

    I'll be looking to buy my first car shortly when I get my license, gonna be gettin an MK3 Toyota Supra Turbo cuz ima Supra fanatic.

  18. 2002 Monte Carlo & 2001 Vett

  19. Finally, heres pics of my s10

  20. Pic of my s10 and Ricky's camry.

  21. Well since a pic of my car was added heres another of a dif angle


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  23. Hey Meg, why don't you let me have those wheels of yours.. they would look good on my 96 camary.. Pretty please

  24. thats sweet. she posted family pictures..


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