Poll: Which would you rather have if it happned!?

AM shirts & etc. Lets try to make it happen!

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  1. AM shirts & etc. Lets try to make it happen!

    OK, being civil about this everyone...who WOULD be in...?

    Maybe one style anabolicminds on the from and the "way" Learn Teach Lead on the back?

    NOT trying for all but say what you would want! maybe if we get enough votes theyll make it happen. Like i said, AM is tryin to do alot right now and upgrade/expand, this could be cool if we're patient.

    If you want vote for one, then type your second choice.

    **i have not contacted any mod/owner yet. I would think it better to see what kind of response first andlet it go to them form there***

  2. Not only would we be happy but the site would get more exposure. T-shirt and wife beaters all the way.

  3. T shirt would be my first choice. Wife beater is second

  4. I'm still pushing for headbands, btw.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Gtarzan81 View Post
    I'm still pushing for headbands, btw.
    haha i dont wear em' messes with my skin....sucks.

  6. i agree. t's #1, beaters #2. i used to work for a screen printing co. and have friends who still work there. if anyone could possibly think of a SAFE and SECURE way everyone could contribute a little $ i could make it happen if the mods decide not to. in the mean time i can try to get a price quote for like 500 shirts just for a rough idea. i just cant see how everyone would trust and contribute, wish there was a good way to do it and please everybody. ANY suggestions would be sweet. maybe have ppl make out checks to the printing co.? just an idea. only thing that would suck is the site wouldn't make any $$ from it, lol kinda defeats the purpose i guess.

  7. Little cotton panties. Not for me in anyway. They're for ah...ah friend.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dr Packenwood View Post
    Little cotton panties. Not for me in anyway. They're for ah...ah friend.
    :bb2:His say AM on the back

    Tshirts would be awesome, beaters would be bad @ss. Gold member Only Shirts would be pretty sick too. Like Black with white writing for normal, And Black with gold writing and some corny extra phrase for gold members.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  9. I voted tank, but I meant to vote sleeveless. Its early and I'm retarded, but I agree that this would be a badass idea. Does anyone have the ability to design some possible images for the shirts? I'd get a whole set of either t-shirts or sleeveless to wear to the gym (I need new gym shirts anyways) to compliment my Nutraplanet t-shirts.

  10. I voted for long sleeve but would purchase anything really (well, except for those panties Pakenwood was hawking)

  11. I'll have a friend make up some rough drafts and ill post the pix in a few days. He's good with his puter ****.

  12. nice guys....
    Im not that anything would be able to be worked out with any other shirt co.
    AM would prolly just use the same that NP uses.

    **I too voted tank and meant sleeveless...haha and i made the darn thing.
    Whatever happens though would be cool.

  13. t-shirt son!

  14. I think L/S waffle shirts (like Long-John shirts) would be cool. Even a golf/polo shirt would be nice. Some of us like to wear collars. Americsan Apparel all the way!

  15. Voted beater..

    I would love a long sleeve shirt thoguh!

    bad @$$

  16. I vote for a cycle of Wifebeater with T-Shirt pulsed through out

  17. I voted T-shirt. I want one that reads, "I really AM this big!"

  18. "I AM the Best"
    "I AM better then you"

    Monthly Gym Membership $80
    Grocery Bill every week $75
    Nutraplanet bill per year $2,490

    ShoutBox conversations on AM...price less

    Being accepted into the Bannana Cult...priceless

    Conversations about goats...priceless

    Reaper's obsession with Brittney Spears...priceless

    Being told MuscleTech is better than steroids...priceless

    Teen's asking about D-bol and Anabolic halo...pricless

  19. Saying your sh**'s bannana's...priceless

  20. Hearing Teen's asking about which MuscleTech's product's would stack the best...pricless

  21. Bobo...errr, Yukon...ahsonuva*****...Kramer had all of these at one point and I don't think they sold very well...I wouldn't be surprised if they were still in his closet, lol .(http://anabolicminds.com/forum/anabo...s-merchandise/)

    In reality, I think cafepress.com was used...anyway...

    EDIT: I was trying to find the pic of the old thong and found this thread instead, lol:
    Why "Certain" woman should NOT wear a thong!
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  22. I don't see an option for None of the Above...

  23. Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    I don't see an option for None of the Above...
    Its called dont enter...
    haha just kiddin man.
    So you have other ideas or you just dont want anything....

  24. I want a shirt with Dsade's pic on it! In a speedo

  25. I was just messing around... Hell, I would wear one.

    I would like it to be athletic fit and 50/50 blend...

    Quote Originally Posted by MentalTwitch View Post
    Its called dont enter...
    haha just kiddin man.
    So you have other ideas or you just dont want anything....


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