Dennis Wolf: Dennis Wolf I think has one of, if not the most impressive most musculars I've ever seen. In Muscular Development's January 2008 issue, the one with Victor Martinez on the cover, I think it's on page 193 of that issue where it has an insane shot of Dennis Wolf's most muscular. His anterior delt size and separation is out of this world. I've never seen an anterior delt look like it was simply an extension of the traps. It looks like his traps begin from the back of his neck, and wraps down through the outside of his pecks and inserts at the bi's. I think on page 195 it has Wolf standing next to Coleman in a most muscular, given it didn't look like Ronnie was completely flexed yet, but the difference in the traps/anterior delt shot are not very comparable. Wolf's depth of separation in his delts and like I mentioned, his extra extending set of traps really set him apart.

Now you could argue that true bodybuilding incorporates so much balance and symmetry that nothing should jump out at you, as to throw off balance. That it should look like a complete package with no particular body part out-shinning anything else. I honestly don't know if this applies to Dennis Wolf. Whether it's a case of off balance or a case of DAMN THAT'S IMPRESSIVE!!

Quick note about out of balance. I love Dexter Jackson, the Blade is always, I mean ALWAYS conditioned and dry to the bone and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hulking traps, but his traps look like tumors in his most muscular and I swear his traps are the same size as his deltoids.

P.S. In the amateurs, Evan 50-Centapani, not big on the guy, but he has one of the hottest girlfriends in the industry, so he gets worth mentioning. Happy New Years AM