Worst Christmas Ever

  1. Worst Christmas Ever

    I was listening to the news. Some guy fell down a septic tank head first yesterday and was stuck for an hour. His wife went looking for him and saw his feet sticking out, so she called the police and they pulled him out. That's fricken NASTY!!!

  2. Oops. That sucks.

  3. A 17 year old kid was mauled to death in a tiger attack in San Francisco. Two other men, 19 and 23, were hurt by the tiger in the attack, pretty bizarre and tragic.

  4. Could be worse, you could be Benazhir Buhtto.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bioman View Post
    Could be worse, you could be Benazhir Buhtto.
    or one of the 20 people surrounding the shooter who blew himself up

  6. My great grandmother died Christmas morning. That wasn't too good

  7. There was a car accident the day before christmas eve where a 18 year old girl was killed in the small town i live in...I couldnt imagine that... my little sis is 18..so tragic

  8. My buddies dad was buried 3 days before Christmas. Not too much fun there.


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