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  1. Occupation???

    Dont know where to post this and I was curious to see what people on here do for a living besides slinging supplements and MMA, ya know!

    for me- HVAC Tech (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning)

  2. Full time student/ncaa athlete...living the life right now...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BigD28 View Post
    Full time student/ncaa athlete...living the life right now...

  4. Warehouse manager

  5. Full time Paralegal at a civil law firm in Orange Couty, CA.
    Part time (Senior) Student at Cal State Fullerton.
    Starting intership at VELOCITY SPORTS, sports performance center in the Spring.

    Hopefully end up a Physical Therapist or Strength & Conditioning Coach (preferrably at the University level), but that's not just some job you can get. Takes time and references...

    and I bodybuild like a mutha

  6. i work on eighteen wheelers

  7. I'm a jr. high teacher and I am finishing my classes to be an administrator.

    Training is a GREAT way to relieve the stress of teenagers!

  8. I actually work in IT (Information Technology). I work for a medium sized printing company. The sales/client interaction portion of the business is conducted online. I work there as a "Linux Systems Administrator". I just take care of their web servers and employees that need accounts created for certain services/servers.

  9. Insurance Claims Adjuster for auto. Stupid easy.
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  10. I’m a full time nursing school student and an aspiring bodybuilder. And for a little extra cash on the side I’ll strip at parties. PM bpmartyr and/or Beelzebub for references. Those two are my biggest clients!

  11. Hardscaping foreman i.e. brick layer

  12. Moderator for an online bodybuilding community

  13. Attorney. I left my old job and started my own business during the last year, very demanding but now looks like it is going to work out fine. It is great being your own boss.

  14. Field service engineer/technician for a fire truck and motorhome chassis maker. Lots of travel.

  15. work on a corrugator in a box factory. no not that kind of box.

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  16. asst meat manager.

  17. Registered Nurse, hopefully a CRNA(Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) in the near future

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  18. I work for a financial software company

  19. Health Inspector for the government.

  20. Chemical engineer for an oil company.

    Moderate 2 forums.

  21. Have my own computer business doing networking and repair. In the evenings I'm a security guard at the state office complex.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by machinehead View Post
    I work for a financial software company
    Me too, as sales engineer, previously as developer + product manager. still sort of managing one of our products

  23. Lemonade stand owner/operator and shovel sidewalks in the winter

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  24. pimp part time, internet troll, im looking forward to a entrepreneurship on a lemonade stand also probably a newspaper route.


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