Is this country for real?

  1. I have always known about the NWO. I have researched it, etc. There is definitely some red flags about that stuff. I have never considered myself a conspiracy theorist, but some of these ideas are CRAZY! It's gonna get really bad if there is even the smallest amount of truth to it IMO.

  2. It's inevitable, nothing to lose sleep over. What happens is meant to happen!

  3. Uh Oh! Get out the tinfoil hats!

  4. Keith Olbermann should have stayed with ESPN, he's just trying to be an entertainer like most media folks.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by CNorris View Post
    Uh Oh! Get out the tinfoil hats!

    I'll jump in my time machine and zip back to 1952 and grab some tin foil.


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