Fantasy Football

  1. Fantasy Football

    Hi, I've started a free fantasy football leage on yahoo. The maximum number of players is set to 15. If you'd like to join, the information is below.

    League ID - 255482
    Password - celltech

    hahahahaha, I cracked myself up with the password

    I will be posting this on another board I like to visit often as well in the hopes that we can get 15 teams making the league more difficult and more fun

    edit: The league is head to head and it's a live draft on august 15th.

  2. Did you get people in? WE have a league ready for teams also. 8 team, FP league.

    You have been invited to join chrisoiler2003's Custom League in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football.

    In order to join the group, just go to, click on the Sign Up button, choose to "Join an Existing League" and then to "Join a Custom League." Then, when prompted, enter the following information...

    League ID#: 257496
    Password: Gold

  3. I got alotta guys from wbb to join up.

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