Anyone else wired this late at night?

  1. Anyone else wired this late at night?

    I have been going non stop since I ate dinner about 5 ish.
    Just got back from doing bass at praise band practice, and you'd think I'd be wiped. I am motoring!

  2. its 3:30pm here. :P
    I was up till about 3am last night riding around in the thunder storm... Covered in mud.

    Got no shoes today because they are soaked and now I gotta skip the xmas party...
    Meh I'd rather enjoy a good storm than go to a silly high calorie xmas party anyway.

  3. "This one time at band camp...." lol...I'm sorry I couldn't resist.
    Armed to the teeth.

  4. I'm like the energizer bunny from 3 to midnight. I get off at 2:05, get home at about 2:25, drink a shake, take a nap, and wake up at 3:00 feeling unstoppable.

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