1. web-hosting

    I am in try to put a website together NewEnglandVibe.com will be an Urban Entertainment Guide. I am look for a web designer and a Hosting company. Any refference will help.

  2. www.ipowerweb.com is the best deal Ive come across for hostin.

  3. are their reliable? I need a lot of space for graphix. my site will be something like this www.partyzone.us

  4. I dont know if you realize it but thats a daily maintained website. Someone goes and changes **** like dates photos and other crap everyday I imagine. Be lookin to spend some serious loot for a user friendly professional design. And hosting for a site that large wont be cheap either. Yor best bet is find a top notch designer and have them host it aswell.
    Why dont you just use the same people that did that one. There website looks very tight.
    Soul Digital
    And most web design companies can work with you over the phone and email.

    Good luck bro,



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