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What do you wear to the gym and why?

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  1. What do you wear to the gym and why?

    Do you like to see your muscles pumped while you're working out? If so (or if not), do you think that makes you conceited or full of yourself? Do you think that wearing gym clothes (ie. sleeveless or wife beater, etc) draws attention to you? Do you like attention, or try to stay inconspicuous at the gym?

    Are you a *** like Chad and do you gel your hair and wear cologne to the gym? :bruce3:

    I'd like to get some feedback from guys and girls, as well as observations of others at your gyms and what they wear. I'll post my usual attire and opinions after a few responses...

  2. basic shorts/t-shirt (semi loose).

    I see people at my gym quite frequently wearing much more elaborate attire (primarly females).

    It is more of a fitness social hangout vs. a gym since all the girls wear makeup and barely clothed, and the guys wear shirts clearly too tight for themselves, gel their hair, and only work out the necessary muscles (i.e. biceps/chest/abs only)

  3. I wear what will show what I'm working. I don't wear a tank top to show off my chest, I do it so I can see how I'm working it, ensuring that I'm flexing the same on each side, how the muscles have developed, what might need to be changed etc.

    I don't wear a thong on leg days though. I still wear shorts. I just go in the changing room when no one is there, pull the legs up on my shorts and check them out that way.

  4. In addendum I was cursing under my breath to these wanna be's that showered in cologne before they came to the gym to work chest/biceps/chest last night. Not every one needs to smell the Old Spice...but then again I'm sure I smell like sweaty balls. But I hear the chicks dig that primordial smell anyway.

  5. shorts/old t-shirt

    to me working out is savage and vicious. i dont need to dress up for it

    even if i bought designer work out clothes, my red face, heavy breathing and over all expression of fury and death scare away females

  6. shorts/pants sleeveless shirt for upper body. When I work legs usually a sweat shirt and shorts.
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  7. Today I was sportin the 8 hour bird nest. Actually had a jag-off that worked there comment on it. "Yeah dude, bringing the afro back." Thanks guy, I don't want to shower just to end up showing again in 2 hours. As for attire, t-shirt and shorts. I'm not in the gym to meet women or show off.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by dirtydeweyjr View Post
    shorts/old t-shirt

    to me working out is savage and vicious. i dont need to dress up for it
    Its kinda like sex.

  9. I usually just wear a shirt (maybe one of my like 10 nutraplanet shirts, lol)

    Sometimes i wear a wife beater under it and if i get too hot/wanna put on a gun show i take my shirt off and use it as a towel
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  10. Fairly loose t-shirt, and shorts/pants depending on what I happen to toss in the bag. I'm there to improve myself, not to show everyone else how much I need to improve

  11. Soccer shorts above the knee and a long sleeve dri-fit athletic shirts. I find it to be the most functional setup to move heavy weights.

  12. Those dri-fit athletic shirts kick ass. I wear a sleevless one and shorts. By no means am I a big guy but i like to obsess over every detail im sure like everyone else and like to see my progress, its very motivating.

  13. I like to squat naked.

    T-shirt & sweatpants. Tank top & shorts if running for extended periods.
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  14. i wear what ever i feel like. why ? ? cause im zombie and i can do what ever i want

  15. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr View Post
    I like to squat naked.
    Are you flirting with me?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by dirtydeweyjr View Post
    shorts/old t-shirt

    to me working out is savage and vicious. i dont need to dress up for it

    even if i bought designer work out clothes, my red face, heavy breathing and over all expression of fury and death scare away females
    haha thats about the same way I feel about it. But I do think it would be nice to have some nicer gym clothes.

  17. I usually wear nice clothes so I look pretty while I kick ass

  18. tshirt and shorts...i train at home anyway.

    i used to wear tank tops when i first got big...but i changed that after a short period of time.
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  19. I use a layered approach to my workout attire. I do this out of practicality and also to minimize the judgments of conceit from others.

    The torso is first covered in some type of tank top. On top of that I apply an old and torn up t-shirt of one of my favorite bands from high school. And over that, some kind of sweatshirt. For warming up, I have all the layers, after which I peal the sweatshirt. After that, I only go down to sleeveless if I'm sweating up a storm.

    For the legs I get a comfortable pair of shorts and put a pair of of sweats over them if it's cold outside.

    My footwear is either a pair of boots or gym shoes. The boots are chosen if I prefer to have better stability that workout, if I'll be lifting heavier that day, or if it's just snowy or wet outside because I have to walk to the gym and back.

    I'm not sure why I took the time to explain this, but I hope you enjoyed this comprehensive explanation of my workout clothing.

    Oh yeah, and I always wear my fizogen strap for "extreme and INSTANTANEOUS effect on endurance, strength and mental focus is unlike anything ever to hit the market before!"

  20. For a shirt I just keep whatever I had on at work. Because of rules at my gym I put on some track pants. And for shoes I wear a pair of Convers (Chucks).

  21. i wear wife beats or tank tops... not tryin to look good for anybody i just like seeing my progress and what not

    I get into the zone anyways when i lift and don't even notice other pple in the gym

  22. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck. View Post
    Are you flirting with me?
    Of course. I love flirting with disaster.
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  23. Shorts and a shirt for me. Most of my training shirts have the sleeves torn off form BJJ though.
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  24. Shorts, no shirt and barefoot.

    But I train at home, so who cares <except maybe my neighbors>.
    “Besides, it is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit.”

  25. my favourite olive stretch turtleneck and some bike shorts. adidas shoes


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