Poll: What's your normal gym attire?

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What do you wear to the gym and why?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Xodus View Post
    Shorts, no shirt and barefoot.

    But I train at home, so who cares <except maybe my neighbors>.
    LOL. that is me to when I train alone and not filming my lifts. The neighbors probably think i'm crazy when they see me in shorts and tshirt in the rain pulling my sled up the street.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by bitterplacebo View Post
    No, sir.
    Does the dude in your gym match everything exactly down to the Fizogen Strap?
    That part was actually a big fat lie, I can't afford to harness the power of a quantum polarized sports pendant.
    Maybe not the strap, but everything else you sadi was dead on. The boots, everything.
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  3. It's not about "showing off" or "seeing the muscle I'm working", it's about being comfortable. I wear a tank top and shorts. I can't bring myself to wear pants of any kind or shirts with sleeves. I get hot really easily and I sweat like a whore in church. I really do think I sweat much more than the average person.

  4. I wear those "dri-fit" type of shirts with no sleeves. They're usually just sleeveless tops, but sometimes I have a "wifebeater" version.
    I like to watch myself when I'm working out - it's more motivating to see the muscle contracting.

    I usually wear track pants now - again with moisture wicking material. I used to wear shorts. In super hot weather, I wear shorts.

    I dunno. Some people may think I'm trying to show off or something - but until they start paying my membership for me, I'm going to wear what I feel most comfortable in. Besides, I sometimes sweat like crazy when doing cardio - so the less clothing the better...

  5. I never train in pants, always wear shorts and I almost always wear a sleeveless shirt to train. I like to see the muscles when I'm training. I don't understand how guys train in flannel shirts and sweatpants. They just sweat like crazy and it has to be uncomfortable.
    Here in Vegas at my Golds we have this weird cult of guys who only wear long sleeve white t-shirts, even in the summer. They have to be white and worn only with black sweats. I see at least 15-20 guys everyday sporting that look.

  6. I like to wear my wife's sports bra with lose fitted short-shorts. No underwear of course.

  7. Spaghetti strap tank top with a turquoise thong.This really helps to free up the equiptment quickly!

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  8. xxl sweat pants, black hoodie, hood up and a muddy pair of nike cortez

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bluecollar View Post
    xxl sweat pants, black hoodie, hood up and a muddy pair of nike cortez
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  10. Wink

    yeah, but the sunglasses always fog up and start dripping

  11. I use some board shorts(surf shorts) or basketball shorts lycra shirt under a reg t-shirt

  12. haha hoodie and sweatpants.. its helps me get that mind-muscle connection where i can just shut my eyes and try to feel the tension on the muscle..

    plus with my hood up everybody must think im mean/weird cause nobody ever bothers me with anything and i can confidentially laugh at all the dumbs that are in my gym

  13. I wear this so that all the guys are so repulsed by me I can focus on working out instead of everyone, male or female, drooling over my super hero physique.

  14. old shirts and any shorts that i can wear that dont look like jeans (gym wont let jeans in). Sometimes where a hat. Occasional wife beater but i dont like to do that cuz im a humble guy in the gym and i dont want people thinking im showing off although it is more comfortable that way.


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