Poll: What's your normal gym attire?

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What do you wear to the gym and why?

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  1. I use some board shorts(surf shorts) or basketball shorts lycra shirt under a reg t-shirt

  2. haha hoodie and sweatpants.. its helps me get that mind-muscle connection where i can just shut my eyes and try to feel the tension on the muscle..

    plus with my hood up everybody must think im mean/weird cause nobody ever bothers me with anything and i can confidentially laugh at all the dumbs that are in my gym

  3. I wear this so that all the guys are so repulsed by me I can focus on working out instead of everyone, male or female, drooling over my super hero physique.


  4. old shirts and any shorts that i can wear that dont look like jeans (gym wont let jeans in). Sometimes where a hat. Occasional wife beater but i dont like to do that cuz im a humble guy in the gym and i dont want people thinking im showing off although it is more comfortable that way.


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