Spine Tingles

  1. Spine Tingles

    So I just watched "The Blair Witch Project" for the first time. Now movies don't usually have any effect on me (at least ones that are supposed to be scary) but that is some freaky sh!t. Especially because its based on some real footage. I think the real reason it had such a disturbing effect on me is because they captured the panic/fear so well, and answered none of the extremely perplexing questions. I used to suffer panic attacks, and I know how horrible that feeling is, but I can't imagine that kind of panic mixed with the fear of death, and fear of the supernatural. It really hit a mark in my head about how scary that would be if it REALLY happened, especially to me. I'm not easily disturbed by supernatural stuff (cause about 95% of it is fake IMO) but I mean some of that stuff is real, and if I were to experience something like that I would FREAK!!! This is one of two creations that have messed with my head enough to give me that spine tingle, the other was a book called "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski. That'll mess with your head too.

    I don't know, some of that stuff is just a little, I dunno... messed up. Thats just my opinion, thought I'd share it!

  2. I laughed through the whole movie. Honestly thought it was the worst movie I've ever seen. I couldn't wait for some of them to be killed off, especially that chick with the snot running out of her nose.

  3. Thats what I expected my response to be... but as I said before, I used to have MAJOR panic attacks, so I guess I found myself relating to that... I wasn't scared of the ghost/witch part, it was the uncontrollable panic that hooked me - I hate that feeling

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