Armed forces shark attack.

  1. Wink Armed forces shark attack.

    Has anyone seen this one yet. My friend is stationed in the UK and he emailed me this and said its something going around overthere. Its a hell of a photoshop job though. Good way to scare the new enlisties, I guess.


    Probably some new terrorist plot. Scare people with fake shoots.

  2. yea i saw that a good whilke back. im not sure its fake though bro.

  3. yes it is fake, don't have a link but there's a site that showed 2 seperate pictures of the helicopter and the shark

  4. Beauty of a great white. I tend to agree that it would have to be fake.

  5. Holy ****!! If that was true, imagine being that guy? Wow...

  6. thats def. fake, i saw it too on a photoshop tutorial with the pic of the helicopter then another with the shark and then how they cropped it out.

    it was also featured on ripley's believe or not tv show, it was that pic, a sheep driving a motorbike with a man on it, and goats in some fruit tree and they asked if you could "spot the knot". the real one of the 3 (if u ever saw the show) was the goat one, which looked crazy! because they said in some area goats get so hungry they risk their lifes by climbing these trees just to eat. glad im not a goat


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