Constant Nervous Felling

  1. Constant Nervous Felling

    I don't know what going on..Since last week i been having this feeling in my chest, kinda like too much caffeine feeling. I not taking any supplements with stims... Just don't feel my self

    Hope its not so kind of anxiety attack or panic attack...

  2. Discuss this with a medical professional.

    I have experienced this adrenaline flight or fight reaction from ephedra other than that maybe caffeine.

    Are there stressful events in your life right now? What supps / meds are you taking etc etc .Examine your life.

    Much Love,


  3. Thanks guys.. will do... its little stressful... right now

  4. Quote Originally Posted by dazilla View Post
    Thanks guys.. will do... its little stressful... right now
    what is your BP like?

  5. I have delt with anxiety my whole life, Kava root works wonders for me. Natural alternative to zanax. Give it a try. Mostly it is in your head though, the more and more you think about not being nervous, you'll get more nervous. Think about being relaxed, and you'll be relaxed.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Gixxer82 View Post
    don't do it When you want to go to it

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Gixxer82 View Post
    you always "flight" right? cause you're a *****

    couldn't pass the opportunity up.

    I would definitely consult your doctor.
    I choose life, love, peace that can also mean standing up for what you believe in, when you need to, no matter what the cost.

    I am a peaceful man, quiet pretty much but given the right stimulus for instance the love of my life being threatened in anyway and man we're all going down in a big ball of flames...

    But yes flight or something

    I don't have to be tough, I am not that vulnerable.

    Much Love,


  8. i feel better today.. could have been just one of those days..

  9. Alf, are you taking 11-oxo or alot of caffeine. Ive had horrible panic attacks when i was on Ephedra with Yohimbe. Ive had the worst panic attacks when i was on high doses of 11-oxo, i seriously thought about going to see a doctor. Once i got off the 11-oxo for about a week i started to feel alot better.

  10. One thing many people overlook when they get anxiety or feelings of unrest is just simple breathing techniques. You don't always need to resort to medicine or supplements to overcome distress.

    I know of many people who don't know how to breathe. They have short labored breaths, or they hold their breath during times of stress.

    Look at how a baby breathes. Deep diaphramatic breathing... if you breath deeply through your nose, and exhale a long breath through your mouth, you can handle any stress... once you get your breath dialed in...


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