Looking for a girlfriend

  1. Looking for a girlfriend

    Looking for a GF. Nice car is mandatory. Please post a picture of the car. No Fords! :P

  2. Good luck....happy car hunting

  3. here i found one for you

  4. Is this a joke?....This is a joke right?
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  6. jjjohn dude bro i'll hook yo a$$ up n1gga!!! fo sheezy I beezzzy up on dizz block all day. Hoezz be comin roun' me talkin' where be me a canadian bro who be doin' up freestyle 'n natural 'n shizz. Ans' I be sayin guuuuuurlll, you getcho hoe a$$ on deez streets fo I bust you, but fo real afta u getcho rags 'n work da streetz get up on summa dat JJJOHNN!!!!
    He be da head White Kong Forrizzo! My Nizzo! N a Shizzo.
    It's yo Bizzo!
    SEee ! I buy ya'll all steroids!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier;
    Is this a joke?....This is a joke right?
    What are you referring to? Zombie's post or jjohn's wish?
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier View Post
    Is this a joke?....This is a joke right?
    Yeah, it is LOL

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Zombie View Post
    here i found one for you

    Not bad!


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