PT pay monthly

  1. PT pay monthly

    I know theres alot of PT threads, but I guess this would be a new question. Starting is 2,000$ monthly after taxes achievable with a NASM cert? This housing remodeling/ building thing is terrible right now and I got a feeling its not going to get better, so possibly time to switch careers. And if possible we talking like 60-80hr weeks to make this goal?

  2. It all depends on your location. I worked at a franchised gym that had 2 locations literally 20 minutes apart and the demographic is completely different. Some quick numbers to point out how significant location is:
    Avg amount of training $$ sold at gym #1-$22,000
    Avg amount of training $$ sold at gym #2-$4,000
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Thats a huge price gap....

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