Eugen Sandow, were there roids around in the 1890s, crazy physique

  1. Eugen Sandow, were there roids around in the 1890s, crazy physique

    I found this topic on another forum, so i decided to post it up here for discussion, this man was born in the 1800s, is it possible he was doing roids, i mean were there labs creating drugs like that back then, how could he possibly know about nutrition??? i mean people were drinking coca cola with real cocaine in it back than and smoking cigars thinking it was good for your lungs, i doubt they knew about low carb diets and so forth.

    here are some links on him, pretty interesting
    Eugen Sandow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ..... this is a wikipedia link on his history

  2. one other link...i wonder what his routine was..
    heres one more link

  3. interesting. I doubt roids tho

  4. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    interesting. I doubt roids tho
    right, its just you kind of step back and think with his physique what did he do, i doubt he had protein shakes, creatine, etc. i know he was probably committed but to think about how much less knowledge he had then someone nowadays has.

  5. yeah, we're all a bunch of pussies nowadays relatively speaking

  6. Whole foods, compound lifts. I think it speaks to how well basic implementations can lead to a very favourable physique.

  7. This shows what can happen when you work your a$$ off.


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