Common Mistakes

  1. Common Mistakes

    The purpose of this post is to outline some common mistakes in Olympic Weight lifting.

    Mistake #1: Incorrect Positioning.

    When setting up for the clean or the snatch, be sure to stand facing the bar.

    Many people start out by standing with the bar on their side. The result is usually caught quickly as their clean looks like this:

    Others stand facing away from the bar. This is also spotted easily as seen in this picture:

    Mistake #2: Gripping the bar incorrectly

    Most lifters prefer to use the hook grip. This allows the forearms to relax and more weight to be cleaned or snatched.

    Many beginners attempt to grip the bar with their mind (invisible grip). The result usually looks like this:

    Only few elite athletes have been able to hold the bar solely with their will power:

    Mistake #3: Leaving the floor without the bar.

    Don't let this be you:

  2. what the ****?

  3. I get all my stuff from Columbia and I'm not writing stuff like this, so I'm not sure what's the problem ?

  4. Lol you just made my monday arvo that little bit more enjoyable.

  5. damn OLer's and backflips.
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