Admins - Can We Have A Crossfit Forum?

  1. Admins - Can We Have A Crossfit Forum?

    Lately, I've become an avid crossfitter. Great stuff, and it's incredibly addictive. Ask anyone who does it - they love it!

    I think having a forum here for crossfit would be beneficial to help new guys and gals get used to the program, offering beginner workouts to help them accustom to the fast pace of crossfit.

    Another benefit of having it would be to get COMPETATIVE! Crossfit scales performance by how fast you can complete the given workout. We would motivate each other by posting the workout-of the-day personal times and could discuss how awesome and super fun the workout was. The main problem with the main crossfit forum is how the comparison page isn't properly maintained by the users. When I open the workout page forum, I want to see personal times and difficult areas. Not a bunch of freaking morons posting "uh oh, here comes pukie!". The BS comes every other post over there, and it's incredibly stupid. Anyhow, I'm off the soapbox. [/end tirade]

    Any other crossfitters out here? I love the NavySeal Crossfit site, as those workouts leave me destroyed, and its a bit more geared towards my goals with more cardiovascular training.

  2. I train MMA which is about as much of a cross-training program you can have.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. I'm picking up Thai boxing, with other MMA styles to follow, which I do attest to being great workouts. However, I mean literally the workouts. "perscribes" (they like to use that word) a WOD, the workout-of the-day, every day. It follows a 3 on, 1 off schedule. Then each individual would go out and complete that workout, and post back their times for comparison. I think if we got a good amount of crossfitters in here to do that in the MMA forum, it would get chaotic. It is true that they do relate in terms of training, but I'm talking strictly WOD training times and such.

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