I saw P2 over the weekend

  1. I saw P2 over the weekend

    I don't know if many of you are familiar with 'P2' horror genre. It appears to be a low-budget movie as I didn't recognize any one acting, plus the whole thing is filmed in the parking garage.

    To be honest, I found it to be a very good movie despite the lack of changing enviroments.

    The pale girl in there is kinda like a butter-face,she has a very nice chest and looks even better later on in the movie when she is all wet.

    The part too where the security officer crashes his car into the guy against the wall I was pissing myself b/c I thought it was hilarious. I probably gave the impression that I was a psycho.

    Also too not to be a tool either, but the part where she tries to get out by running towards the fire exit and up the stairs but finds herself trapped is b.s. This violates federal regulation and I know b/c I issue citations for blocked fire exits all the time.

    Overall it is pretty good if you are looking for a suspense movie. There's not much gore, just lots of suspense.

    I'll be watching 'I am Legend' when it comes out opening night.

  2. Ok scratch that since I am Legend's opening got delayed. I'm going to watch 'Hitman' instead.

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