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    Sup Bro's,

    Wondering if anyone could help me shrink a pic for my avatar? if so, hit me up at [email protected] and I will send it to you.. Thanks in advance.. FSU

  2. Post it here and I will attempt to shrink it down..

  3. Thanks.. and for all the FSU haters.. SHUTUP

  4. Now why a Bama fan like I am would do that is beyond me

  5. I have some kissin-cousins in BAMA>.. thanks bro

  6. FSU,
    Have you been checkin up on the team for this year? Truthfully, Do they look like there gonna be doing anything or what? UF is a little questionable right now. Im friends with a couple players and they dont even sound like they think there gonna be doing anything serious this year.
    Ive been known every now and then to put a little money up on certain teams so I like to get a little inside info. Got any?

    And hey, arent you dressed a little warm for summer time in florida bro?

  7. Yeah but I am living in NC for right now and the ACC fans hate me up here...lol

    Well since my boy AD went down for the checks and things, Greg Jones and Boldin are gone.. we have a new team basically... We have a lil fullback named Washington that is a beast.. I promise we will be talking about him this season! I think we will have another losing season though

    I have not heard much about UF this year but you know how ALL Florida teams do it... top ten!! watch out for Gore running the rock at UM... I think he is better than Portis was.....


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