It's official! We bought our first house today!

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  1. It's official! We bought our first house today!

    Just wanted to share out excitement with you all. My wife and I just purchased our first home. It's not big but its nice and we are putting brand new Tile, Stone and Carpet throughout. Its going to be a nice little place! I will put up pics soon.


  2. Congratulations WW7 and Wifey.
    Good luck with everything bro. Once you get the jacuzzi, pool table, big screen TV, mini bar and full size gym in let us know. That way we can make plans for the housewarming party. Haaa. dont we all wish we were so lucky. But the lotto here is a cool 70 mill so if I win ill invite you all to my new fully decked out pad. But until then Im happy with what Ive got for now. Again congratulation bro.

    Youll see, its funny. I remember when I got my house. I was always running around turning lights off, ****ing with and AC cleaning everything... whatever I could to conserve and save. Now its like just leave the back door open for the dog. and ill clean up later.
    ****ing electric bill has gone from about 180 to 290 a month.


  3. congrats jake!

  4. Congrats! That is great!

  5. Congrats bro and best of luck, Later J

  6. bout time! been waiting to hear some good news and updates brother, congrats

  7. so uh... when we all gonna fly up there and break that sucker in...

  8. Congrads Jake.. welcome to the realm of the homeowner..

  9. Dont say homeowner!!! It reminds me of property taxes.
    Damn taxes!



  11. Its like kryptonite to superman.
    Ohh the humanity!!!

  12. Right on Jake. A place to call your own....... nice.

  13. Thanks bros! We have so much work to do already. Its getting painted and the floors done before we move our stuff next weekend!

  14. Congrats Jake!!

  15. Ahh the joys of moving.........
    Congrats on your first place Jake, i know your pumped.

    P.S. i hope your new neighbors arent as nosey as mine are......

  16. Thanks again bros! It was a long day today already. Bought a 18v Drill
    Tore off all the baseboard in my house and wallpaper hit the floor. First we paint, then we install new carpet and tile througout and then we move next weekend! Man Im tired allready!

  17. congrats bro....well deserved change

  18. Kegger at Jake's!

    Congrats, brother! I'm actually serious about the kegger..

  19. Congrats Jake! The work has only started!!

  20. Looks like you won't have any time to work out!!!

  21. good to hear. Make sure you post pics. You should post before and after. Like ones before you do some remodding........would be cool..even for you to look back on.

    so im down with the kegger though.


  22. Congrats Jake!

  23. I think you took this "homebrewing" thing a little too literally

  24. LOL, thanks banana and everyone! Its been a very busy time since we bought the house redoing every floor in the house and painting and moving, and etc., etc. but things are going very well. I will post up some before and after pics as I can.


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