Poll: Van Halen or The Kinks

Where Have All The Good Times Gone

  1. Unbreakable
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    Where Have All The Good Times Gone

    All my life I've never stopped to worry 'bout a thing,
    Open up and shout it out, an' never try to sing,
    Wondering if I've done it wrong,
    Will this depression last for long, wont you tell me,
    Where have all the good times gone.

  2. Where is the third option?

    3. Umm, what?

  3. As much a I love the DLR era of Van Halen, I have to go with the Kinks version. I like Van Halen more when the stick to doing originals(cause they do it very well). I hear it was DLR who pushed the band to do more covers, but I'm sure you're more an authority than I.

  4. The Bowie version rocks.

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