gymvet arrives

  1. gymvet arrives

    hey guys and dolls, this is a very nice board, im a mod at anabolicforms and anabolic-paradise just stopping in to say hello, ill come around more often. thanks, gv

  2. hey GV, great to have you here

    Look around make yourself comfortable, but don't drink the last beer in the fridge if ya don't mind, thanks man* 

    *Petefox has yet to buy more, you bum!!

  3. welcome bro, seen you around, glad to have you here.

  4. Glad to see you on the board GV.. seen you over at AP before everything happend with the change of owners.. WELCOME!!!

  5. Welcome.....

  6. Hola mi amigo,

    23 years living in Miami and 3 years of spanish and thats all I can remember. Im pitaful.

    Welcome aboard bro.

  7. hola my friend

    thank you amigo mucho

  8. Welcome aboard bro.

  9. its always good to have a doctor in da house!!


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