I'm trying to use the Supplement Auction forum to sell some supplements I will not longer be using, and each time I create a new ad (done it twice), it dissapears after a few hours from the list. Is a mod deleting it for some reason? I'm not a Gold member...

It registered twice, when I posted in the Micellaneous supplement section, and came up on the most recent ads. Then I go off to do my things during the day and when I come back it's gone... even my profile says I've never started a listing. Any ideas?

I'm trying to sell (package price for all = $130 shipped or $30 each shipped):
(2) Anabolic Pump
(1) P-Slin

It's pretty frustrating, as I've already bought my new stack and I'm looking for $$$ ASAP to fill the void in my bank account.