Anyone headed to Vermont to ski or board?

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    Anyone headed to Vermont to ski or board?

    My fiance and I are toying with the idea of letting people stay at our place so they can save money and not deal with crowds. All we would ask is a contribution toward grocery money and help cleaning up. It's just an idea at this point but I figured I'd toss it out there. Out of all the many forums I belong to, I feel the most at home here so I thought I'd mention this here first.

    We live in Addison County in a remote area (4WD vehicle needed to access in winter). We are within 45 minutes of Stowe, Mad River Glen, Bolton Valley, and Sugarbush. About an hour to hour and a half from Killington, Smugglers Notch, Jay Peak, Pico, and Suicide Six.

    Also we are about half an hour from the Magic Hat brewery, Vermont Teddy Bear Company factory, and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory. Other breweries close by include Otter Creek, Long Trail, and Swichback.

    We have one spare bedroom with a queen-sized bed, it has its own 3/4 bath (standup shower, sink, toilet) and floor-to-ceiling window overlooking a beautiful lake (literally about 50 feet away). Great sunrises and sunsets. We have our own washer and dryer for clothes, plus a huge "mud room" for drying wet clothes, gloves, etc.

    Anyone interested can post below, I will follow up as we think about this more.
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    How close to Okeemo?

    went there last year and their staff will have me coming back for years to come
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    You have internet access up there?. What do you use Satalite?

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