Free hydration backpack from the Marines.

  1. Free hydration backpack from the Marines.

    United States Marine Corps

    By signing up for some info.

  2. do u get a commission for thiis??

    in the army w give key chains and boonie caps

  3. Quote Originally Posted by wrkn4bigrmusles View Post
    do u get a commission for thiis??

    in the army w give key chains and boonie caps
    I wish I do, but I do not. Just want to see if anyone is interested for a free hydration back

  4. good thing they're an issued item now.. so im not tempted

  5. trade you some Rep for the hydration backpack

  6. I dont see where it says u get a free hydration pack? It just says "sign up"
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative
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  7. http://marines. com/page/usmc.jsp?page****/forms/ rue

    try that link, just backspace the .com to the marines area. I just retried the the link and works. I think the link I originally I posted did not register for the backpack is because I signed up for it and pasted it. Sorry.

  8. dont leave your number.. or address...there all just legal stalkers... i spent my last 3 yrs of high school dodging recruiters..

    then again... i have been in the army for the past 9 yrs....

  9. o_O never knew they stalk you...
    luckily i claim that I am a parent that has a kid serving.

  10. I wish I could get a free backpack, don't supose they wanna stalk an Australian?


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