Worst Bodybuilding Clothing Supplier

  1. Worst Bodybuilding Clothing Supplier

    I ordered 3 tanktops frpm U.S Bodyware on 6/27/07. It took over a month to receive the 1st one, then on 8/8, I was told the other two were on back order and they would cancel my order as I requested. Then on 9/4 I receive a second one and I ask why wasn't my order cancelled, I get an apology that says I can send it back(of course I will have to pay the shipping) so I kept it and they will credit me back. Now there is still no sign of the 3rd tank top and I have not been credited for that and I get no response from an e-mail I sent last Thur,

  2. I'm about to order some apparel from Westside Barbell. woot.

  3. Bump. I hate thieves!
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    That's why I've stuck with House of Pain Ironwear and Monster Muscle for the past 3 years now.
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  5. hey irish cannon, who's that retarded lookin kid in your avatar?

  6. Just wanted to re warn people not to order from US Body ware as they are scammers.

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