Best booth at the "O"

  1. Best booth at the "O"

    Although the overall expo looked a bit down and the energy was alot less than in the past....they were still a few eye popping chicks working the booths, Wow, what id do to be 20 years younger!!! The classiest chicks were the ***************** chicks OMG....... too cute.

    Victor looked awesome and Jay probably won his last "O" if Victor continues to progress.

  2. How were the BSN's chicks ?

  3. Awesom

    whoever is in charge of hiring the BSN chicks deserves a Medal of Honor HOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

    Muscle Asylum had a couple brunettes, maybe half asian or something OMG , unreal, had to go to Scores to get a lap dance afterwards.

  4. pix???

  5. What about ErgoPharm's girls ?

  6. who visits booths without a camera!???

    can we dock rep points
  7. me!!!!

    Dude, im so computer illiterate its not funny....even if i had pics i wouldnt know how to upload them to this board.

    sorry..........shoulda been there,

  8. pix x2?


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