MLB All-Star game is ruined

  1. Unhappy MLB All-Star game is ruined

    Damm I thought my friend was joking w/me when he said the MLB All-Star game would decide home field advantage for the World Series. Bud Selig ruined what was one of the few quality all-star games in sports. I'd hate to be the New York Yankees or the Oakland A's and have home field advantage hinge on the shoulders of Tampa Bay Devil Ray Lance Carter, or Detroit's Dimitri Young. Or how about the Giants losing home field advantage because Eric Gagne of the Dodgers blew a save. Bud Selig needs to go, he's highly responsible for letting salaries get out of hand as well.

  2. Its been said over and over again, by countless media members, players, broadcasters, and fans. JUST LET THE BEST OVERALL RECORD DETERMINE WHO GETS GAME 7 AT HOME!! Baseball's all-star game is somethign unique, for the fans man. Let it be US vs the world. Im all for making a change to make the game more exciting to walk, but dont let the allstar game and who gets home field in the WS cross path.
    At least, (if not the home field advantage going to the best overall record, give it to the league which produced the best record combined in interleague play) But NEVER, an exhibition like last night, determine nearly the FATE of any series going the full 7

  3. U.S. vs. the world would be a refreshing thing to see, good idea Sage, too bad Bud Selig can't think of any new ****. They should also do away with that rule which says it's mandatory for every team to be represented by at least 1 player. Lance Carter had no business being in the All-Star game, that spot should have gone to someone who deserved it

  4. Who the F*** is Lance Carter??? I feel the same way... select the 'best' 32 players to represent the squad. An article from this dude name Jim Caple (or whatever) suggested a good idea for the homerun derby as well.... to spice it up. Give these guys who are already hitting 400+ feet, aluminum bats. Now that be something ill look foward to watchin.

  5. US v. the word would be a terrible idea--do you remember the hocley North america v. the world from two three years ago--i doubt it--hell i dont and i love hockey

    its just going to take a few years for the tie from last year to blow over and this home field advantage is just an attempt to try and garner interest--i dont think it is that bad an idea (maybe not the best but should the team with the best record against worse temas deserve it any more than the team that has lance carter in there division? or what about ht ebest playoff record? --at leas tthey tried to drum up support for a failing all star game through it

  6. [QUOTE]Originally posted by sage
    [B]Who the F*** is Lance Carter???
    He was representing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, poor guy must have been the butt of all jokes in the A.L. locker room. Why have Lance Carter when you can use Pedro Martinez or Barry Zito ?


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