How gay are you all?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by neoborn View Post

    "it's not gay if it pays the rent!"

  2. 20% right here.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jomi822 View Post
    200% right here.
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  4. Never enough
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    Quote Originally Posted by jomi822 View Post
    20% right here.
    I'm calling shennanigans! just kidding, damn is jomi a huge ****er
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  5. 33% But it didnt ask about, back hair, forced oral, or what kind of booze you drink?

  6. LOL i came out at 16 percent gay... Says im way to straight for these modern times

  7. Quote Originally Posted by somewhatgifted View Post
    33% But it didnt ask about, back hair, forced oral, or what kind of booze you drink?
    I remember at one of my friend's bachelor parties his brother and few friends tagged along, all of them gay. None of them gaydared me as a potential lay. It was kind of insulting actually. They all went after my friends Steve and Jim. We ended up at some club full of asians, and I mean actual asians, not asians born and raised in America. They were all taking pictures of E dealers and dancers. It was a weird party.

  8. Ha ha yeah no straight guy wants to be accosted but if a gay man who you got along with complimented you, youd still more likely appreciate it.

  9. now if it had asked any questions about a trip to mexico, a bottle of tequila, eating the worm, and a transvestite hooker midget named (strangely enough) Bobo, the gay o-meter might have come out a little higher.

  10. Shaving your body hair instantly makes you 50 percent gay..tanning in a salon add another 10 percent...wearing a thong standing on stage with other men flexing for other men...add another 10 percent..comparing bodies with other men...add another 10 percent...taking selfies in the mirror..another 10 percent...saying bro at the end of every other sentence...10 percent...


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