Springer to run for senate...

  1. Dont let the Springer show fool you. I did a research report on him for a class a couple semisters back and that guy knows his ****. He's an extremly smart man and very political. He was the highest paid male talk show host during the springer show (I believe he no longer does it).
    ****, I would love to just go on stage and talk **** to people and start fights for free. He was doing it and making a fortune.

  2. Springer rules! He's not just a wannabe TV persona who knows nothing about politics. He's got experience, and you know he will get more votes from the younger population because he had one of the most entertaining shows I've ever seen. I think he can be one of those politicians who the avergae Joe will like since his parents survived the Holocaust, and then went from England to the U.S.

  3. get in there springer, represent and fight for the rights of blind mentally handicapped trans-sexual midgets who sleep with their sister's cousin's dog...


  4. this caught my eye. taken from the link above.

    "The infomercial focuses on a comment by National Review commentator Jonah Goldberg on a Sunday morning talk show several months ago. Goldberg warned of new people brought to the polls by Springer, including "slack-jawed yokels, hicks, weirdos, pervs and whatnots." "

    I hope to god that Springer DOES bring more people to the polls if he decides to run, I personally am not a fan but you all are right he IS very smart and is just as good a candidate as anybody else. voter turnout in this country is pathetic, and general political awareness is even worse. I'm not saying we should suddenly hope the idiots of the nation rise up to start expressing their views, but if Springer can ignite at least increased general awareness, more power to him. Goldberg's statement was way off base IMO. just pissed me off when I saw that (hehe, maybe because I'm a weird slack jawed hick yokel perv )

  5. Welcome to the club Biggs, Welcome to the club.
    we here at the weird slack jawed hick yokel perv club are always looking for new members. You definitly fit the requirements.


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