Mulletsoldier's Return

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  1. Mulletsoldier's Return

    Copy and pasted from USPLabs Direct

    Guys, I have finally returned. It almost feels like regurgitating information and pointless to begin anywhere, as there is a great deal to inform you about. I suppose though, I'll begin at around the beginning of June. Someone very dear to me decide to end their own life, a younger brother of my closest friend on this planet. I took this loss extremely, extremely hard. The grief coupled with assisting with funeral arrangements and assisting others with grief took much motivation away from me from being in the gym, and activities associated therein; while that does not excuse my unannounced absence during that time, I felt it necessary to expose my reason.

    At a time when I finally felt the grief had subsided, I had the unfortunate luck of being involved in a very serious automobile accident. A semi truck careened through a stop sign on a small highway and struck the truck I was driving, driver's side, traveling about 100 km/h. I received a third degree concussion, lacerated kidneys, broken ribs, and severely torn muscles; most notably, my Quadratus Lumborum, a very large muscle that supports the lumbar spine. As of now, I'm going through rehab, attempting to get back into the gym, and just getting back on the net. I truly, truly, truly, apologize for disregarding my responsibilities to the company and the forum.

    Jacob, I personally apologize to you as I was very much looking forward to moving up with USP's structure and assisting you in the future. I will take any position still offered to me however, and will assist in any way I am welcome to.
    Whether or not many of you know me, or conversely, noticed I was gone, I was and this is the explanation. I will slowly reimmerse myself back into the community and resume my duties as a rep. I hope you ****ers enjoyed your time without me because I am back!

    Here are some pictures from my accident:

  2. I can't see the pictures. Sorry for your loss. Get well soon, sounds like a terrible accident. You are lucky to be alive. Keep your thoughts positive.

  3. Damn man. Thats a lot to go through. Welcome back, and heal quickly.

  4. oh my lord, sorry for your loss, its a horrible thing to go through, unfortunately i went through a similar thing only just a fe wyears aog. i was thinking the other day i hadn't seen any post of yours in quite sometime along with a few other members. I do hope u have a speedy recovery and get yourself back to where you worked so hard to be!

    Good luck my man

  5. wow mullet there you are. i never would have guessed the situation but that certainly explains it.

    welcome back. i hope youre igf'in your healing process along

  6. wellcome back mullet, sorry to hear all the things you when thru. We are here for you bro. Its good to have you back

  7. Welcome back bro. Best luck in getting back into fighting shape. I'm sure you'll be there in no time.

  8. Don't you dare apologize. We're glad you're back and on the road to recovery.

    Hopefully that road is "careening semi truck" free

  9. Damn man welcome back and props for determination to get back into the iron game, that sounds like one hell of an ordeal.

    AM is lucky to get back such a valuable member/rep!

  10. Hey bro good to see you. Hope you have a fast and full recovery. Take it easy man.

  11. Welcome back!!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery

    RIP Ryan, :(

  12. Welcome back. Your name popped up a few days ago in the MMA section, and we were wondering where you went. Hope the recovery goes well and drop in the MMA section for some of the old BSing about.
  13. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    welcome back man, hope your luck changes for the better.

  14. Welcome back.

  15. Welcome back Mullet, get well brother. How's this impacting the education side of things, are you back in St. Kitts now?


  16. Wow thats awful. I hope you heal completely and quickly.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by jecko29 View Post
    Welcome back Mullet, get well brother. How's this impacting the education side of things, are you back in St. Kitts now?

    Well, I'm able to hobble along on crutches, etc., so school is fine. I'm back in the Kitts, yeah. Still have the same e-mail Jecko?

  18. best of luck on the recovery buddy, keep us updated

  19. Glad to see your back, hope the worst is behind you.

  20. Who is this "Mulletsoldier" and why am I suddenly aroused?

    Welcome back slacker.

    BTW: Start researching goat semen and bananas. The latest greatest thing here since creatine and honey.
    Recent log:

  21. Welcome back, mullet. Glad to hear you still have a pulse after your accident.

    Well, best wishes on a speedy recovery.

    P.S. I'd suggest finding an avatar with a shirt on. You're not just white, in hex you're FF FF FF white.

  22. LOL..

    I know this Kwyck, I know. Give me a break though man!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier View Post
    Well, I'm able to hobble along on crutches, etc., so school is fine. I'm back in the Kitts, yeah. Still have the same e-mail Jecko?
    You bet bud

    jecko at hush mail dot com


  24. Welcome back, man. I missed my *****!

  25. welcome back bro sorry to hear about your troubles


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