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"Live Like A Bodybuilding PRO" Challenge

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    "Live Like A Bodybuilding PRO" Challenge

    Twinlab and Lee Priest have just launced a Bodybuilding challenge call "Live Like A Pro", the challenge is to find a "dedicated" and "committed" Bodybuilder and the winner gets a $50,000 1 year contract with Twinlab, 1 yrs FREE supplements, and 4 one on one training visits with Lee Priest. It is easy to enter just by going to www.twinlab.com/livelikeapro to download the entry kit.

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    Yeah, yeah... it's only for you Yanks!

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    Originally posted by Draven
    Yeah, yeah... it's only for you Yanks!

    LOL yeah we're lucky, but it surprises me that Twinlab would promote bodybuilding this way since Lee Priest is Australian. BTW check out rule #2, it says you must have purchased at least $40.00 worth of Twinlab products, looks like that's the catch to the contest

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