Anyone else on here Race?

  1. Anyone else on here Race?

    Here is video of me at SDR racing last Friday Night. As much as I love lifting weights I love racing 1000x times more. Anyone else on here love to race too?

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

  2. Whatcha Got in it. What are you putting down in the 1/4?

    Just installed some Jim Wolf Cams in my '06 titan that biatch pulls hard. Add a 50shot of N2O and cant keep my wheels from spinning the first 60'.

  3. street racing is a nice rush.

    2001 Camaro SS M6
    -rebuilt LS6
    -SLP Loud Mouth strait pipes.
    -SLP cold air intake

    12.4 1/4 mile (est) on street tires.

  4. i love racing. I'm going to start my kids in it now so they can conquer the racing world!

  5. I was with my first two cars..

    1993 Honda Accord with a h22a swap, fully rebuilt/polished, skunk2 cams, home made CAI, stock exhaust from the DC headers back, sounded like a normal commuter car (loved that aspect of it, no fart pipes on that)... ended up getting into a bad wreck with some crappy camaro that drove without headlights (and insurance)... Pre-eff up, it was running mid 14's all motor.

    1988 Acura Integra with a DOHC ZC engine, 100% stock with exception of CAI and some sticky toyo proxes, pulled a 16.4 in the 1/4.

    NOW.. I drive a Kia... and it gets 38mpg, the zero to 60 is like an hour, the quarter mile is like a minute, and I wouldn't have it any other way hahahaha

  6. She's got a stock zz4 350, Built 700R4/stall, 12 bolt posi 3.73s.
    Best runs to date are 14.0's, she should be deep 13's on a good launch but I have to do some suspension work. Thats on my list before the MCE shootout in Nov.

    Thats badass a Titan never heard of one with cams and the juice! Truck's busting ass is great b/c no one ever expects a 4000lb truck to ride out!
    12.4 is no joke on street tires, when you gonna throw some stickies on her an launch into the 11's?

    You guys got any pics or videos of the Titan or Camaro ?

  7. I love anything auto related. racing,customizing,audio etc. Can't afford to mess with it now and I haven't for about 2 years. I will again though

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    I love anything auto related. racing,customizing,audio etc. Can't afford to mess with it now and I haven't for about 2 years. I will again though
    I hear that.

    My turbo project has been put on hold

  9. I got a twin turbo 3000GT with more mods than i care to type out ATM. I've never had it on the track, but it pulls hard.
  10. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    I love autocross racing. I need to finish my restoration on the vette so I can take it out
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