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Bulking redefined

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    Bulking redefined

    The Chimiburger!

    Have you ever wanted to squeeze all the protein, fat, and carbs that you need for a week into one convenient package? Well, the Aussies have done just that with their deep fried chimiburger:

    The Chimiburger - Based on the legendary deep fried burrito, our burger is egg dipped, crumbed and flash fried for a golden experience. This artery-hardening baby has a double serve of prime beef patties, lashings of bacon, a big chunk a cheese, egg, tomato, red onion, our own signature relish and a huge was of aioli.
    This is the new muscle milk.

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    That's ****in crazy ! I'm sure some fat people are thrilled and have probably even thanked God for this "invention" LOL.
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    At first I thought the bun was some type of pie. Well at least it isn't a tool of the obese thats found in the US for once.

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