Wassup with wrestlers?

  1. Wassup with wrestlers?

    Okay here is the deal, i was watching something on Spike tv the other day and when the show finished i was busy writing something when ECW came on. I looked up to see Kurt Angle going in to fight with the Steiner Bros. Scott Steiner was boggling my mind with his chest development, THERE IS NOTHING THERE!!!! Next we have Kurt Angle, why is it that this guy was pretty swole in WWE but when i saw him inpersonate Scott Steiner's bicep kiss the dude is like a 15yo kid muscle wise, i mean the guy has shrunk beyond compare!!! Makes me think either the China situation is really hurting some guys or Vince MacMahon has to be the biggest Anabolic Steroid pusher alive! He must sit back watching tapes of wrestlers that he pushed Grams on top of grams of steroids into and say "gosh look at that animal, that is what 10g of test does to a man", then he leaves them high and dry

  2. Could be. Ever seen Vince Macmahon's body, dudes got some serious muscle on under that suit, along with some serious gyno.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  3. I remember back a few years ago Kurt Angle was so huge even with his messed up neck.

    He must have gotten off gear or greatly reduced his intake b/c he shunk quite a bit since the last time I saw him.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    I remember back a few years ago Kurt Angle was so huge even with his messed up neck.

    He must have gotten off gear or greatly reduced his intake b/c he shunk quite a bit since the last time I saw him.
    maybe he never heard of PCT. looks like he lost 30 pounds...

    but wtf is up with Scott Steiner's chest!?!

  5. Yeah Scott Stiner's chest is weird. A lot of WWE (only wrestling I watch) wrestler's physiques are at best average, but mainly below average. Eddie Gurrero, Chris Jericho, etc.....have virtually no definition.....there are a lot of guys like that.

    The only ones I can think off the top of my head (I'm sure there are a few more) that have good physiques in WWE are: Bautista, Randy Orton, and John Cena.

    Makes me wonder if the WWE wrestlers even know how to use A A S in a correct manner(diet/training/PCT). I'm guessing not.

  6. It's clear most of them go purely for size and rely on the gear to keep them from getting too fat. I doubt they ever have the time to "cut" and are way more focused on maintaining size and recovering.

    You see a lot of wet physiques in the wrestling world too, an indication they don't have a good handle on AI's..or they probably prefer to stay wetter to protect their joints.

  7. I can't remember all the facts, but Kurt Angle's body seriously changed after his last spinal injury. His arms visibly shrunk disproportionally from the rest of his body. Apparently he had little to no feeling in 1 of his arms, and not much in the other one.
    After a while, I believe he was no longer medically cleared to wrestle in WWE because of this.
    While a change in AAS is probably a case here too, I'm guessing it's his spinal injury that has caused most of this problem for him.

    Haven't seen Papa Pump in a while. I know he had a bumb leg for a while which affected his wrestling.

  8. Nerve damage definitely can lead to severe catabolism.

  9. There's a pic of his arms now.

  10. It looks like they stuck my arms on his body. lol

    Incorrect usage..ie staying on forever and in high amounts is definitely causing them to keel over early. Many of them appear to like heavy stims or coke to amp up for matches too...bad combo.

  11. i cant seem to find a recent pic that shows scott steiners chest. I dont know what happened but all the pics i found show he actually has pectorals but what i saw the other night was a flat chested big biceped blonde dude.

  12. He probably got pec implants or something...hah

  13. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    He probably got pec implants or something...hah
    yeah and had them removed. or he had gyno and the doc took everything else out with it. Im suspecting him of synthol in those biceps too, his forearms dont even look big enough to support the weight those biceps must pull...

  14. I can't find any of Scott with the flat chest. All of them he still has a decent physique for his age.

    Kurt Angle is the most drastic I've seen in change.

    The Rock has visibly shrunken, IMO as well. How he looks now vs. when he was wrestling is a big difference.

  15. John Cena is jacked

  16. Cena, Goldberg, Steve Austin, Bautista, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, most of those guys had good physiques with decent cuts. If they solely just did bodybuilding and not WWE they'd have even better physiques.

    There is a huge handful who are just 'big' and bloated/holding water though.


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