.5 inches/per month PE with PH !!! Controversial

  1. .5 inches/per month PE with PH !!! Controversial

    What if you could gain .5 inches per month? Without doing PE excersizes....

    Several people have reported to me that a topical testosterone cream can increase penis size. There have been about 5 people who have had sucess with this method. 4androstenediol only differs from test by two protons, and myself and someone else has used this and we both have seen growth. The person i know gained .5 inches in three weeks, and this is my 14th day on it, ive gained just a little over 1/4 of an inch in girth and length. I am testing other pro-hormones too.

    RISKS: Similar to testosterone replacement. Will acceletate alopecia. Discontinue if you see some extra hair in your comb. If you expirience frequent urination, it may be a sign of BPH. Do not use if you have history of prostate cancer. Total dose is ~50 mg per day. Bodybuilders use up to 900 mg of this stuff, with little side effects. your risks should be minute. cycle: 4 weeks on/ 2 off.

    METHODS: Cover penis with transderal 4AD, or androgel (need Rx). Keep away from balls. ***Note, other prohormones may work better than 4AD. I speculate DHT deriviates may be more powerful. But I will say only T/4AD has even been tried. I have some 3alpha, im going to test it. If anyone has other 5 alpha reduced androgens, feel free to state your going to experiment with it.

    Two applications, one in morning, one in night. Measure every week, results should be noticible. Do not masturbate*, drink 1-2 gallons H20, lift weights, use creatine and protein powder (these are just hunches, but i find they work). Be aware though that creatin adds an extra 1/8 to 1/4 inch instantly due to water retention.

    You can make your own transdermal, or purchase one from 1fast400.com, it should last a while.

    THEORY: 4AD is converted to TEST, which is converted to DHT and many other androgens. These androgens saturate the penile tissue, and raise basel levels to purbertal-thus inducing hyperplasia.

    PLEASE: There is a lot of science behind this. Post if your going to try this, then post your results. If you have questions, feel free to ask me.

    WARNING: Using an isopropyl base burns! You have to tough it out.

    The Science: Page through here to find lots of theory and research:


    The guys at this PE forum are very skeptical, but some are going to give it a shot. Be sure to see what they have to say, as well as for more articles and research


    Safety is discussed in length, as well as the reason for oral 4AD not having the same effects. Im not promising safety here, but there were studies done showing that topical T doesnt downregulate androgen receptors in the penis. I cant fully explain why it must be applied directly to the penis, but there are plenty of plausable explanation.

    Good Luck -- Measure carefully, and be aware of erection fullness

  2. You are crazy... there is no way this could work..

  3. Ummm, than why has it?





    All those people, and myself

    There are a lot of very smart people on this forum. I think if you guys do the research youll find its worth a shot.

  4. R U forreal??
    sniff, sniff
    just think I stepped in it too Matt D
    Let me get the hose
    Hey, go hard and throw some 1-test or Tren in there.

  5. Look i know some people bull**** around here. Look I gave you the links so you can verify what im saying! Honestly dude, i dont have the time to **** with people for fun.



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