whats wrong with this pic

  1. whats wrong with this pic

    ok see who can find out what is wrong with this pic. don't post what it is let everyone find out on there own.

  2. HINT: Stare hard by the table, sorta out of the windows. Turn lights off to reduce glare of screen. Turn volume up, you can almost hear the whispering. Very scary.

  3. Hahaha...**** i pissed my pants

  4. thanx shady. you made my day. (son of a .....)

  5. Originally posted by sage
    thanx shady. you made my day. (son of a .....)

    Ok Shady will mail you the bill for the heart doctor! SOB, good one!

  6. glad i could be of service.

  7. when you see the ring you die...

  8. no you dont

  9. my dogs are barking now.
    thats hilarious, i wonder what kind of chemical reaction happens in your body when that happens, weird feelings....

    you really have to look closely to see it. it took me a while.

  10. Ahhhh!!! I know what it is but it gets me every time
    If you havn't checked this out yet, you may have to concentrate pretty hard for a minute or two but you'll figure it out soon enough...


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